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2021 on hold

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2021 on hold

Here you can read why - and in the meantime we are preparing 2022, ready to roll again!

Sometimes taking risks is part of our job; however, this year we cannot simply take this risk.


We have done our best to let you travel, we even tried to make you go to neverland...but with all these rules travelling has become way too complex and in the current uncertainty we cannot find a suitable solution.


We look forward to welcoming you in 2022! Our mind and our energy are all set to next year and we are confident that we will all go back to this certainty: travelling on foot, by bike or on a barge will happen again. In a word, we will all go on holiday sometime soon!

This is the only risk that we can continue to take.


One year ago from our offices, our second home, we sent out the most clicked Girolibero's newsletter: “A message from our Boss”. A year has passed and I am always here, alone, watering our beautiful lemon trees on the terrace. Sharing with you the process of this decision is a matter of great importance to me. 


Easy: what I’d like you to think when you book your holiday with Girolibero: whether to the mountains or to the seaside, in Italy or in France, by bike or on a barge, also last minute.


Difficult: all what’s behind, which starts some months before your holiday, when we make agreements with our suppliers, book the hotels, check the route, prepare the information material, carry out deposit payments, organize the staff and the vans necessary to transport your luggage, promote our tours, answer your questions and manage your bookings.


Impossibile: combining these two concepts in the current situation, with 50 employees exhausted by this uncertainty. Also, we cannot invest in working hours which must necessarily be remunerated through the selling of our holiday packages, which can be booked, then maybe cancelled or postponed to a better time in the future.


We have waited until the end of April to come to this decision, and have been reading not only Italian newspapers, but also American, German, French and Australian ones. For a year now we have been planning tours, which then we have cancelled, we have been accepting bookings, which then we have postponed, in a word: we have been constantly working with the risk of new infection waves, lockdowns, quarantines, Covid tests and so on.


We are 100% sure that we will start back in 2022, so be ready and follow us through our newsletter.


Enjoy your holiday

this year without Girolibero Roadbike

Pierpaolo Romio


If you have a voucher please remember that:

  • it can be used far beyond its expiry date
  • it will be reimbursed after its expiry date
  • it can be handed over to a third party


If you have booked a holiday we will contact you ahead of time.

If you would like to talk to us, you can make phone call appointment.


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Sometimes taking risks is part of our job; however, this year we simply cannot take this risk. Here you can read why - and in the meantime we are preparing 2022, ready to roll again!
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